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Here's How You Can Help

Over 2000 members participate in MISSOURI DECA State Career Development Conference every year. We need volunteer judges to help us determine who will move onto the next level. As a competitive events judge, you'll evaluate presentations from tomorrow’s emerging leaders.

DECA members have been preparing all year-long in classrooms around the state of Missouri to have their chance to shine in front of you. You’ll be so impressed you’ll forget they are still in school.

What Will You Be Judging?

DECA has nearly 60 competitive events, from prepared business plans and market research events to on-the-spot role plays and case studies. Below is a brief overview of the various competitive events offered as part of the Missouri DECA State Career Development Conference.

Principles of Business Administration Events, Individual Series Events and Team Decision Making Events consist of two major parts: a written comprehensive exam and role-playing situations. The number and type of role play depends on the event. Students participating in Principles of Business Administration Events compete individually in one 10-minute content interview. Students participating in Individual Series Events compete individually in two 10-minute role play situations. Students Competing in Team Decision Making Events compete as a team in one 15-minute case study situation. Principles of Business Administration Events and Individual Series Events are individual events, while Team Management Decision Making Events have a team of 2 participants

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Written events cover a wide variety of topics and consist of two parts: a written report (10 to 20 pages) and a presentation (15 minutes). Written events consist of one to two students. Preparation for these events takes place prior to the conference, often times months before. Students may choose to participate in entrepreneurship and business plan type events, promotional plans, professional selling, marketing research plans or chapter projects.


Thank you for your interest in judging.
We hope you volunteer!

Partner with Missouri DECA

Connect with Missouri DECA students, advisors, and professionals by advertising using our state communication channels, exhibiting at one of our conferences or events, or placing your brand right in the middle of everything as a sponsor. 
Our sponsorship packages feature opportunities at our State Career Development Conference as well as ways to get involved with our members throughout the year.
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